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Mim’s Amazing Magic

Mim’s Amazing Magic

Since Cleopatra’s time, women have relied upon Essential Oils to for radiant youthful skin.  Just a few drops daily, spread onto your wet face and neck nourishes your skin.  Many customers have been using this for 20+ years.  The base is Jojoba which does not clog your pores and is the closest oil to your skin’s natural oil (Sebum).

Contains” Jojoba, Rose Absolute and Essential oils of Lavender, Myrrh, Carrot seed, Evening Primrose

Neroli flowers and Palmarosa

No alcohol

No dyes

No petroleum by-products

No synthetics

No preservatives

Unsolicited customer comments

“I told a co-worker I was turning 65, she said you’ve got to be kidding. I attribute it to “Mim’s  Amazing Magic”.

“Better than anything afrom the cosmetics counter at twice the price that lasts half as long”.

“Please rush my order for Christmas presents. I love Mim’s and want to share it”.

“I’m never going without it again!”