Mountain Mama of Maine

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there 100 % all natural ingredients?

I’m proud to list all the ingredients within the product info at this site as well as on my labels.

How long will it last?

Frequency of use will determine this. I can offer some examples, however. “Mim’s Amazing Magic”, When used as directed, 3-5 drops per day, should last about one year. All products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and contain no preservatives. They should be kept away from light and heat and used within one year.

Is the travel stick just for lips?

Goodness no. It’s the same great recipe available in the 2oz jar of “Soft as a Baby’s Behind”, just in a smaller, portable package. You can use it anywhere for dry chapped skin, excellent for cuticles and cracked fingers. See a note from a customer at what people say link.

Can “Oh my aching…” be used or joints as well as muscles?

Yes, yes, yes.

Should I keep my “Mama’s Mister” in the refrigerator?

Not necessary, but I keep one there in the summer, or put in cooler for road trips.